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Monday, September 24th, 2012

Find out where a phone number is

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How to find out who owns a phone number and where it is located

Do you need to find out who a phone number belongs to?
Did someone call you out of the blue and you don’t recognize the number? Did your date give you his number and you want to find out if it’s genuine? Perhaps you got an email from someone you are not sure of but there was a phone number on the bottom? Have you found a number on a scrap of paper that you want to check out?

Just a few short years ago it would have been impossible to to find out who owns a phone number but this is not the case any longer. Doing a “reverse telephone lookup” as it’s often called, can be as simple as clicking a few buttons on a web site. You can even do it from your smartphone and check someone out as soon as you meet them. Back in the days of printed telephone directories this would have seemed like science fiction but today it’s very much fact and a part of everyday life.

Why would you want to do a reverse phone check?

If you have never needed to look someone up by their phone number then it might not be obvious to you where and when it might be beneficial to do so. Here are a few reasons why you might consider using a reverse phone directory.

1. Did you get a strange call?

Did you ever get a call from someone that you didn’t know? Perhaps you missed the call and you are curious about the number that you don’t recognize. Should you call them back to find out who it was or do you go online and get some details about the owner of the number first?

2. Do you have a new friend?

Have you just met someone new but you aren’t sure that they are being honest with you? Why not check out the phone number he gave you. You can make sure that it is his number and find out some background information on him at the same time. It would be nice to know if he has a criminal record for instance wouldn’t it?

3. Learn more about the sender of that email

Have you received an email from someone that you don’t know? If there is a phone number in the signature then you can look to see who it’s registered to.

4. Is your partner being honest with you?

Have you found a piece of paper with a number on it around the house? It could have fallen out of the laundry for instance. Do a reverse check on the number to make sure that your partner isn’t hiding anything from you.

How to do a reverse telephone lookup

Finding out who owns a telephone number could not be easier than it is today. All you have to do is visit a reverse telephone directory web site, enter the number you are interested in and pay a small fee. Not only will this give you access to details and background information about the owner it will also allow you to look up as many numbers as you want to.

Checking out a phone number is quick, efficient and very affordable so go and do it. Find out who owns that number now.

Cell Phone Numbers Search | InfoLinkUp

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

If you are looking for a good web site to do a search by phone number then it doesn’t come much easier than this. There is a new site called InfoLinkUp Phone Search that works for cell phone numbers and land lines and it should do exactly what you are looking for.

All you have to do is enter the phone number you are looking up into the box and click the “SEARCH” button. It quickly comes back and gives you information about the number. It can tell you what type of telephone it is, cell phone or land line. It tells you when the number was registered and who the service provider is. It also gives you a map of the location where the phone is registered. It can’t give you the current location of a cell phone of course but you can’t have everything.

Click the “SHOW NAME” button to find out who owns the phone number. This is what you are really looking for isn’t it? There is a charge for this service but you can get access to do unlimited phone look ups for as little as One dollar. It doesn’t get much better than that so what are you waiting for? Do your phone number search now.

How Do I Find A Cell Phone Number By Name

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Cell phones were science fiction a few years ago

Locate a cell phone number today

We used to stare in awe and amusement at films where people would open up a suitcase to pull out a telephone handset the size of half a house and put it to their ear. Back then no one could have imagined that we would all have a telephone in our pocket in just a few years time. We were only just getting used to the idea that most people had a telephone in their house but now every member of my family has at least one cell phone in use plus the now antiquated land line in the house.

It’s only a matter of time before the land line is a thing of the past as we come to rely on the cellular phone network more and more. At the time of writing I personally have 2 working cell phones and a handful of perfectly serviceable but not used phones in my drawer. Please don’t ask why because the answer would be embarrassing if I didn’t know that I’m not the only one in this situation by a long shot.

The death of the telephone directory

Back in the day you could look up anyone’s phone number in the telephone directory unless they explicitly excluded themselves and went ex directory. The days of the printed telephone book must now be numbered. Not only does it use up significant parts of a rainforest every time a new one is printed but it’s becoming less and less important as you find yourself wanting to find cell phone numbers more often than land line numbers.

Life was much simpler back then. If someone was not at home or able to take a call at work then you could not contact them. It was a simple as that. I don’t know about you but I have lot of trouble trying to explain what life was like back then to my children who can’t imagine a world without personal communication devices. My daughter firmly believes that she could not live without hers.

Finding someone’s cell phone number

The telephone directory is becoming obsolete and it’s no good for finding peoples cell phone numbers anyway. So how do you find out someone’s telephone number today? There is no equivalent to the land line directory for cell phones. At least not a printed one and typing the number into a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing is a long shot at best. For this to work they would have to have published their number on a web page somewhere. this is something that you are told not to do for security reasons.

Long live the public records web site

It’s not as if the information that you need to find someone or their cell phone number doesn’t exist because it does. It must exist somewhere or else the network would not function. But where do you go to find it? The best place to start looking is a public records database organized for you online so that you can search for people using your web browser. These web sites have been collecting cell phone numbers and other public information about people for years and it’s all there waiting for you to find it. It can be as easy as entering the name of the person that you are looking to find their phone number.

Find a cell phone number by name

Author: Steve Gee

Reverse Telephone Directory | How To Locate People By Telephone Number

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

How to use a reverse telephone directory to find someone by phone number

Click to locate someone by phone number

Do you wish that there was a way to locate someone when all you have is their telephone number? Well there is a way. Up until not so very long ago, locating a person by telephone number would have been very difficult unless you had access to the databases that the law enforcement agencies have access to. Not so today because now you use the power of the Internet to discover information about most people you might want to search for.

Are you wondering about all those numbers on your phone bill that you don’t recognize? Are they a sign that your spouse is cheating on you? Would you like to have an easy way to check out someone you are about to hire to do work on your home? If he gave you a phone number then you can. Even a cell phone number in some cases.

As a modern parent one of the most troubling things that you can do is go through your child’s cell phone address book. Are they all as innocent as you hope they are? Why not do some research to put your mind at rest.

You can use phone numbers to find people that you’ve lost touch with. Old college friends, neighbors and even family. Even an old number that isn’t in use any more can be a vital clue that you need to someone’s whereabouts. You can use reverse telephone directories for fun and serious research as well as combating stalkers and nuisance callers.

Using the big search engines to locate people by telephone number for free

Sometimes finding someone with their telephone number can be a simple matter of typing the number into one of the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. You should try them all one by one until you get a result.

This can often be surprisingly effective, especially if the telephone number belongs to a business. A business will be only too pleased if you find them by their phone number so they often make a point of displaying it on their sites around the World Wide Web. If the number is displayed on a web site then the chances are that one or more of the search engines has it in their index.

But it isn’t just businesses that put their phone numbers on the Internet. Lots of people post them in forums and other public places on the net. The person you are looking for might have a business and has given you that number so it’s worth a try.

Individuals are more reluctant to make their phone numbers public however and most people are becoming more aware of the fact that anything you post on the Internet isn’t going to be private for very long. More and more people are very careful and protective of their phone numbers as a result.

Use a fee based reverse telephone directory – It’s more reliable than free search

If you can’t find the phone number that you’re looking for with free search engines or you want to get more information on the person who owns the phone number then you should consider using a web site that specializes in locating people and providing you with all the information on a person that you could wish for.

Locate someone with a Reverse Telephone Directory

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Reverse Telephone Directory Locate A Person With A Telephone Number

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Using a reverse telephone directory to find someone by phone number

Locate someone by telephone number

Do you keep coming across a phone number that you don’t recognize? Do you suspect that the numbers on your phone bill belong to the person that your spouse is cheating on you with? Are you worried about the numbers in your child’s cell phone address book? Do you keep getting nuisance phone calls? Do you want to know how you can locate a person by telephone number?

You might want to find out who owns a phone number and where they live for a number of very good reasons including looking up old friends, neighbors or relatives. Reverse telephone directories can be used for all sorts of good reasons and not just to spy on someone or catch a nuisance caller or stalker.

Using Google to locate people by telephone number

You can sometimes locate people by phone number for free by simply typing in their telephone number to search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. This works especially well when the number that you’re searching for is owned by a business.

Businesses want to be found and many use the Internet to advertise their business so there is a good chance that their phone number is published on their web site or elsewhere on the Internet. Businesses love you to use reverse telephone listings to find them. If the number is on a web page somewhere then it’s likely that the search engines have indexed it ready for you to find for free. Individuals tend to be more protective of their phone number so it might be harder to find them than it is a business.

Finding a phone number on the Internet and using search engines to find people is always going to be hit and miss but it’s not as uncommon as you might think. Just give it a go, what have you got to lose? Try searching for the phone number in all of the main search engines. You might just get lucky.

Get better results using a fee based reverse telephone directory

If you don’t have any luck trying to locate a person by telephone number using the free search engines you should try using a web site that maintains a database of searchable land line and cell phone numbers. They collect information from many public records sources so not only do you stand a better chance of finding who owns the number but you can also find out lots of background information on them at the same time.

Use a Reverse Telephone Directory to find someone now.

Author: Steve Gee

Reverse Telephone Lookup | How To Find Someone Using Their Phone Number

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Oh no! I don’t have the address – only a telephone number

Find someone using their phone number now

How many times does it happen? You decide to pay someone a visit or send them a letter or gift. You might even need to send them money for some service they provided or as a donation on bereavement. Then you realize that the only information you have is their phone number! You’ve never needed anything else before right? Whenever you needed to contact them in the past you gave them a call. What do you do now?

You may not want to ask them directly

You could ask them for their address of course but what if they don’t answer your call and you’re in a hurry or maybe you want to send them a surprise gift. If it’s a donation for a funeral or a letter of condolence then you may not want to disturb them at this time and that’s why you’re sending them a letter in the first place.

Online Reverse Telephone Lookup

Why not try out a relatively new service that’s available quickly and easily over the Internet. It’s called Online Reverse Telephone Lookup and it’s something that anyone can use because it’s so easy to do. You just subscribe to the site once and then you can do as many reverse telephone searches, as you want.

To do a reverse phone number search you simply type the number into a box on a web form and let the web site work it’s magic with the database. It looks through literally millions of pieces of information from hundreds or maybe thousands of different sources gathered from all sorts of places to find the number you’re interested in. When it finds the number it retrieves everything it knows about it and its owner including their address.

Lookup someone’s address with a telephone number now

So don’t give the game away or get into a sensitive or embarrassing situation ever again. Register to do online reverse telephone lookup searches today. Find out where people live and get loads of other information on them just by knowing their phone number.

Author: Steve Gee

Find Out If Hes Married Using A Reverse Telephone Number Search

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Reverse telephone lookup is a quick and easy way to check if he’s married

Do a reverse phone lookup now

Did you know that you can find out if someone is married from their phone number by doing a reverse telephone lookup? It sounds too easy but it’s true. Let me show you how easy it is to harness the power of the Internet to check out your boyfriend and make sure that he isn’t lying to you.

The ever expanding Internet

Over the last few short years the Internet has been expanding at a phenomenal rate. Every day millions of new pages packed full of information are built and made available to you. It’s like having your own global library and super database in your own living room.

Everything you want to know is there if you know where to look

If you know where to look you can find practically anything you want by browsing and searching the net and this includes publicly available information on people. A brand new industry has recently been born that is dedicated to gathering all manner of publicly available information from many databases scattered across the net.

Using online public records databases

When you check out one of these reverse telephone lookup websites you’ll find that they can do a lot more for you than just tell you who owns a telephone number. You’ll be able to find out if he’s got a criminal record, find out if he’s married and do all kinds of background checks on him.

Find out if he’s married as soon as you meet him with a reverse phone search

A telephone number is one of the first pieces of information that you get from someone you’ve just met. From the telephone number you can get his name and address and find out if he’s married. You can do all of this and more confidentially from the comfort of your own home and the best part is that you can do it virtually as soon as you meet your new boyfriend.

If you do a reverse telephone lookup quickly and find out that he’s married before you have a chance to get serious then you’re much less likely to get hurt than if you have to walk away later. Do it now and save yourself a lot of grief.

Author: Steve Gee

How Do I Get A Cell Phone Number By Name

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Locating cell phone numbers without a phone book

Locate a cell phone number now

I’m old enough to remember the time before cell phones, or mobile phones as they’re called in the UK, became a reality. Telephones without wires that you could take with you wherever you went were science fiction. We all watched James Bond and other hi-tech movies that showed agents with suitcase sized telephones and never in a million years did we every think that we would all be carrying one in our pockets one day.

In those days we were safe in the knowledge that we could find out anyone’s phone number by looking in the phone book. Everyone had a phone in their home and everyone’s number was listed, unless you had it excluded from of the book and became ex-directory. There was no way to contact someone when they weren’t at home. My daughter has no idea how life was even possible in those days.

Everyone has a cell phone in their pocket

Now that everyone has a cell phone and there is no equivalent of the telephone book listing of landlines, how do you get a cell phone number from someone’s name? You can’t just look it up in a phone book because there is no one big book of cell phone numbers and you can’t do a Google search for it because a search engine can only give you a result if the phone number has been placed on a web page by the target of your search. This is very unlikely because most people think that putting their phone number on the Internet is a risky thing to do and I would agree with them.

Help is on hand to find out information about anyone you want

There are online directories like the one in the link at the end of this article that have gathered together information from a multitude of public access databases and other sources of information. These directories make it easy for you search for all sorts of information on people including their cell phone numbers in many cases. Next to asking the person what their number is, this is the best chance that you’ve got of finding their cell phone number.

Locate cell phone number by name

Author: Steve Gee