How To Find Someones Date Of Birth

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Find someone’s birthday discretely with public birth records

Look up birth records on someone

Isn’t it strange how so many people are reluctant to give you their date of birth? It gives away their age. Everyone likes to look younger than they really are and they like to keep their age a secret. So how do you find someone’s date of birth without them knowing so that you can send them a birthday gift or if you need to know their age for some other reason?

You must be discrete when finding out someone’s date of birth

Many people don’t want you to know their age because they pride themselves on their youthful looks and might even lie about their age to add to the illusion. Lying about your age must be one of the most common ‘white lies’ there is. If this is the case then you can’t just go up to them and ask, “When is your date of birth” because you may well cause embarrassment and you can’t rely on getting a truthful answer anyway.

Ask close friends and relatives

If you can rely on close friends or relatives of the person to be discrete then you could ask them but they might not know the answer. Or worse they might only think they know their date of birth but again you can’t rely on it.

How to find someone’s date of birth quickly and discretely

There is a large amount of information including your date of birth stored, as public records on each and every one of us and public records are accessible to anyone who knows where and how to look for them. The problem is knowing where to look and having the time to go and look for it.

There is now a quick, convenient and very discrete way of finding just about any publicly available information about practically anyone. Thousands of public records databases are being combined into one and all this information is being placed at your fingertips through the power of the Internet. This is power that a few short years ago was reserved only for the law enforcement agencies. Now you have the power, you can use the same databases that they do.

Use the same databases used by law enforcement to find out information on practically anyone you know How to find someone’s birthday quickly and discretely

Author: Steve Gee