FBI Criminal Background Check | How Can I Background Check Myself

Friday, August 13th, 2010

How to request an FBI background check on yourself

Do an arrest warrant search now

If you suspect that there might be some incorrect information on your FBI Identification Record or “Rap Sheet” as it is commonly known as, then you will need to make a request to obtain it. You have a right to do a criminal background check on yourself but you will have to jump through a few hoops to get hold of it.

If you are adopting a child or you need to disclose any criminal record to get work then you may need to request your criminal history record. Of course it’s more likely that you want to do your FBI criminal background check in order to prove that you don’t have a record at all.

You can request a copy of your identification record on the FBI web site at www.fbi.gov. Here you will find all the instructions that you need to complete the request and get it processed.

There is a fee payable that you must include with your application. At the time of writing the stated fee was $18 which is a nominal fee to cover administrative costs.

The worst part of the application form is the fact that you have to send in a full set of your fingerprints to prove that you are who you say you are. In this instance, a drivers license and a utility bill just won’t be enough.

Fingerprints must be taken carefully so that they are clean prints and you must fill in a fresh fingerprint card too. In theory I suppose that you could do all of this yourself but I would suggest that you go down to your local law enforcement office and get an expert fingerprint technician to do it for you. This should avoid any problems with the process.

Can you get an FBI criminal background check on someone else?

No, you can’t, not through the FBI site anyway. The application has to be done in person and anyone trying to get one for someone else would need to obtain a full, yes all 10, set of fingerprints. You need to be determined just to get your own rap sheet, it would be near impossible to get one for someone else without their knowledge.

Free criminal background checks

Nothing is ever absolutely free I know and you aren’t going to get such a complete and accurate criminal background check on yourself as you will direct from the FBI itself. But it is possible for you to look up criminal and arrest records, arrest warrants and a lot more information by doing your searches in public records, online. You can do it really quickly too.

It can be a very cheap alternative and potentially provide you with a lot of diverse information that you might not get from the FBI. This could be bankruptcies, civil judgements, email addresses, property records and other interesting stuff. In addition you can do criminal background checks on anyone using public records, not just yourself.

Find out how you can do Absolutely Free Background Checks on almost anyone as many times as you want to.

Protecting yourself From Identity Theft
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Absolutely Free Background Checks And Unlimited Background Searches

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Background records building

Get started doing unlimited background checks now

If you aren’t doing background checks on the people you go out with, or hire to do some work, or even just invite into your house then you could be storing up trouble for yourself. How do you know that these people are even who they say they are? You can join a web site and start doing absolutely free background checks on people today. It’s not expensive so why don’t you do it?

You like to think that the vast majority of the people that you meet or have dealings with are honest and trustworthy and I’m pretty sure that is the case. However the unfortunate fact is that not everyone deserves your trust. No matter how few and far between these untrustworthy people are, if you get taken by one of them it can destroy your faith in everyone if you are’nt careful. It makes sense to take some simple precautions and try to find out more about people before you place all your trust in them.

Background checking has become surprisingly easy to do

Doing background checks on people used to be impractical for most of us. You either had to hire an expensive private investigator or do the investigating yourself by digging through whatever information you could find. Without help from the Internet, such investigations could become very time consuming. Things have changed though. You can now do background checks on people online in no time at all, and it won’t cost anything like you might imagine.

You can use public records or court records web sites to perform background searches, do criminal records or arrest warrant searches, sex offender records and all sorts of interesting things. Some court records sites charge you for the searches that you do and the good ones generally give good value for money.

Membership of a public records site makes background checking fun

I used to pay for my background reports on a per search basis but nowadays I subscribe to a site that provides you with unlimited absolutely free background checks. Yes you can check out as many people you want and you can do it whenever you need to. This usually works out far cheaper than paying for each lookup because you will find that you end up doing a lot more searches than you originally intended to. I know that I do, I can’t resist looking up relatives and neighbors as well as the person I’m interested in.

Subscribing to a membership site where all your searches are free can be beneficial in other ways too. You will find that you start doing background checks on a lot more people when you don’t have to watch the dollars mounting up. It will liberate your investigations to the point where finding out information on people becomes a fun and enjoyable thing to do instead of being an expensive task that has to be done.

Today, I think that subscribing to a public records membership site is the way to go. Everyone should have the facility to check people out and you should use it as often as you can on everyone you can manage. If we all did this it might make the world just that little bit better to live in.

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Criminal Background Check | Instant Criminal Records Lookup

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Looking for a fast way to do a criminal background check

Instant Criminal Records Search

If you are an employer recruiting new staff then you need to be as thorough as you can reasonably be when you interview applicants and when you are checking their credentials and resumes. One of the most important checks that you should be doing is a criminal background check to make sure that you are aware of any criminal history the person might have.

verifying that someone is being truthful and upfront with you can be just as important when you are hiring someone to do some work on your property, look after your child or even going out on a date together.

If you go about it the right way then you can lookup criminal history online and find out all sorts of things about a person. You can do this fast online and it’s often all you will need. To be thorough, you should follow it up by a more robust search. Especially if you find something disturbing from the online background check.

Cover yourself if you are an employer

To be certain that there are no misunderstanding between you and the applicant that might later lead to accusations of invasion of their privacy, you should get the person to sign a waiver. You will need a suitably worded form that effectively gives you permission to obtain any information that you might need about them.

This step is a very standard and necessary one to make sure that the applicant is aware that they are giving away their privacy in return for the job consideration.

Finding Criminal records

Criminal records logo

Criminal records are not as easy to locate as you might think. records are kept at county and municipal courts as well as state trial courts. The lower courts, in theory at least, pass their records up to the state repository. Unfortunately the accuracy of this process varies from state to state which is why investigators recommend that you search at both county and state court records offices if you don’t want to miss anything.

When you check out someone’s criminal history you should check at each county court and each state court where the person has lived or worked in recent years. These are the places where any criminal records are most likely to be found if they exist.

Very serious cases might have been heard in federal courts and will not be uncovered in county and state searches. To check federal criminal records you can consult the U.S. Party/Case Index PACER service.

Instant criminal background check with online public records

The fastest and easiest way to do a criminal background check is to use an online public records web site. Trying to check all the county, state and federal court records one at a time is a time consuming task at best so it makes sense to start with a simple but near instant criminal background check using a site that makes it it’s business to collect all these records into one place for you.

Use this public records web site for instant Criminal Background Checks. It might be the only resource you need.

How to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest
Arrest warrants are another important part of any background check you carry out on someone. Find out more – Click here

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Access Free Public Records To Find Someones Criminal Background

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Use free public records – find out what isn’t being said

Access Free Public Records

Do you find that it’s difficult to determine what someone is like when you first meet them? Even your closest friends could be hiding things from you and you would never know unless you took the trouble to verify some of the things that they tell you. You would like to think that the majority of friendships and relationships are open and transparent and I’m sure that most are. But what about the rest? What about the people you meet that tell you lies or simply leave out the things that they don’t want you to know? You can use your access to free public records when verifying what people tell you.

There are many things that can wreck a great friendship but very few are as damaging as lending money can be. Even when a relationship is close and built on truth and trust you should be very careful when you are asked for money. How do you know that you are going to get it back again? or when you might get it back. It’s always a risk and often it’s a risk worth taking if you are sure of both your friends intentions and capacity to repay. When a deal like this goes wrong it can place a huge strain on a relationship so you might want to do some research first.

Don’t lend money to someone declared bankrupt

When you are faced with the decision to lend money to a friend or not it’s often the best course to say no. If you don’t give the money in the first place then you will not have to worry about getting it back. It’s also true that lending money to someone who is already in debt is almost always a bad idea for all concerned. But what if, despite all the potential pitfalls, you decide that you still want to help your friend. You can and it may all work out but before you do why not do a background check first. This will tell you if their story is true and may alert you to any warning signs like criminal records, arrest warrants or bankruptcy reports.

How can a background check save a friendship

If you use a background check to really get to know the person you are about to hand over money to you may gain reassurance that the person is genuine and probably a good risk for your money. On the other hand you might find that your friend has a bankruptcy filed, a criminal record or other things that they have kept from you. If this is the case then you may want to think twice about the loan. In both cases the knowledge that you gain could save you from making a mistake and make sure that you stay the best of friends. Don’t worry about getting caught looking up background because good public records web sites are fully confidential

If you are worried that by doing background checks with a public records web site will turn up things that are really confidential then don’t be. Public records sites provide you with a very convenient way to access publicly available records about people but it’s all available somewhere else if you have the time to search for it.

How fast can you do a background check

There are literally billions of pieces of information held in public records databases just waiting for you to search through to find the data that you need. When you consider the sheer volume of data held in these databases it’s almost unbelievable to think that you can perform searches and access free public records in a matter of mere seconds but it’s true. Give it a try. It could save you more than one good friendship.

Search through public records and get a background check now.

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Access Free Public Records And Check Someones Criminal Background Before Loaning Money

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Know someone better using free public records

Access Free Public Records

Relationships can be so difficult can’t they? Most of the time when you meet someone you will both be genuine and open with each other and you should have no reason to suspect that there is any intent to deceive or misinform you. In return you yourself will be open and forthcoming. This is the way great friendships start. But what if the other person has something to hide? Something that they would rather you didn’t find out about. How would you ever know that you were being told lies or that some of the truth has been left out? Find out how to access free public records to check out their background.

Even the best of relationships can be tested to the limit sometimes. No matter how close you are to someone there are some things that can break you apart so easily if you are not very careful. One of the things almost guaranteed to place a strain on any relationship is lending money. Yes it’s ok if the loan is repaid in a timely fashion and you can see that the person who you loaned it to is doing everything that they possibly can to return the cash to you. Sadly this is often not the case. Even with the best of intentions on both sides things can go wrong and wreck the relationship.

Would you loan money to someone with a criminal record?

If you are thinking of loaning someone money, what can you do to reduce the risk of the deal going sour? You might think that lending cash to someone who has been declared bankrupt, has an arrest warrant, a lien or a criminal record is an unacceptable risk and that you should think twice about handing over the dollars. But these aren’t things that people like to talk about, especially when they want to impress you before asking you to loan them some money. Doing background checks on a person before you give them money is the sensible thing to do.

Doing a background check could save your relationship

It’s very common to shy away from doing background checks on people in the false belief that they will discover your research and think that you don’t trust them. Finding out things that really should be kept private is another reason why you might not want to do a background check. Perhaps just the act of performing a background search might be enough to somehow break up a friendship. Neither of these obstacles are real however. You can do a background check using a web site that is completely confidential. There is no way that the other person can find out unless you tell them.

Public records web sites do just what they say in the description. They provide you an easy way to find information that is freely and publicly available elsewhere if you knew where to look. There is no question of you finding out things that are truly private.

Look up someone’s criminal background fast

You won’t believe how much information there is to find or how fast you can search through it all until you’ve used a web site to access free public records and do a background check for the first time. You can find out all sorts of stuff about people including any criminal records, arrest warrants or bankruptcies. Do a background check on someone today.

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Absolutely Free Background Checks And Almost Free Background Checks

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

How to do background checks on people without breaking the bank

Do a background check on someone now

After failing to find what you might call an absolutely free background check service I went in search of the next best thing. What I wanted to avoid was getting into a situation where I had to pay for each and every background search that I did. I just knew that once I started to find interesting information on people that I wouldn’t want to stop. It would end up costing me a fortune. I found a great solution to this problem and it doesn’t work out expensive at all. Do you want to know what it is?

It’s almost as if web sites that offer access to public records in an organized format have redefined the word ‘free’. You can find lots of sites that claim to offer you free background searches but not one of the ones that I came across would give you anything useful until you part with some cash.

The problem with using paid search public records web sites

The typical public records web site will take some money from you up front then allow you to use up your account balance by doing paid searches. When your balance hits zero you need to top it up again.

If you’ve ever tried to check someone out using one of these web sites then you’ve probably noticed that you often end up doing more searches than you thought you would need to. This is especially true if you miss spell the person’s name or decide that you want to check out some neighbors while you are at it. If you are paying by the search then this can get very expensive and it’s no fun at all.

When you’ve found the person that you are looking for and done a full background check on them you will probably want to check him or her out for arrest warrants, arrest records, criminal records and sex offences. You might even want to do a prison inmate search if you haven’t seen the person for some time. You might also want to check to see if he is married just in case you are thinking of dating.

Looking up background information on people can be great fun

Looking up interesting information about people can become very addictive and a lot of fun. You find out some information about someone including the names of relatives and neighbors then you decide to check out the relatives and neighbors too. Find out if they have criminal records or arrest warrants. One thing leads to another and before you know it you’ve done dozens of background checks. If you have to pay for each search then that kind of takes the edge off the fun.

How to pay one small subscription and do as many background checks as you want to

The best way for you to do as many background checks on as many people as you want as often as you want is to join a public records membership site. The only thing that you have to pay for is the small monthly subscription and you can have as much fun as you like with the absolutely free background checks that you get with membership.

Author: Steve Gee

Criminal Public Records Free And Nearly Free Background Checks

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Background checking is a good way to get to know someone

Find criminal records with a background check

How can you be sure that you know someone and I mean really know them? Some of the most notorious criminals in history managed to conceal their crimes from their closest friends and even their family. What chance have you got if you’ve only known them for a relatively short time?

Sometimes you might get a feeling that something isn’t quite right when you start to read between the lines and separate the facts from the charm. Other times you might have no idea that your new lover or best friend has anything to hide. So how can you be sure that you aren’t making a big mistake by getting involved with this person? You can get to know the truth about most people very well in just a few minutes one evening by searching for any criminal public records. free searches would be nice if you can find them but making a small payment can make things a lot simpler, faster and more efficient.

Are free criminal records checks a myth?

Most if not all criminal convictions are reported publicly somewhere. Some even get broadcast on live TV. In general, court proceedings aren’t a secret so you might think that you can look up anything you want. The problem is not that criminal public records are concealed from the public but that it’s so damn difficult to search them out.

If you go to one of the major search engines and type in “Free criminal public records” you are likely to get many pages of results which might lead you to believe – well it did me – that you’ll be able to find the information you want without handing over any money.

So is it true – can you really find criminal records free? I tried it, I clicked on a lot of links that claimed to show me how to find criminal records for free and here is what I found.

Not quite free criminal public records

Well I can save you a lot of time here. I guess that in some rare cases where you know exactly what you’re looking for and it just happens to be accessible online then you might be ok. This was not what I found however. I spent a lot of time clicking on links that I felt sure would lead me to some kind of free search engine that would show the results I was looking for but none of them did.

Some links were government sites that were not very friendly and would at best only show me limited information. Some sites that claimed to be free would still ask for money before you get to see any meaningful information.

The next best thing – an affordable criminal public records web site

I did find a great web site that can tell you just about anything you are likely to want to know about someone. I wanted to find out some information about a friend of mine so I searched for his name and found him in the list of results. This told me that the web site did indeed have some information about this person but you do have to pay a small fee to get the details.

This site had a good guarantee so you can get a refund if you aren’t satisfied. I gave it a go and was frankly amazed at the information you can get from this site. It was well worth the nominal fee you pay. This is the next best thing to finding criminal public records free. Try it out yourself.

Author: Steve Gee

Arrest Warrants | How to Find Criminals Who Live Near You

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

How many criminals live in your neighborhood?

Find arrest warrants now

I was talking to someone recently about the importance of doing regular background checks on yourself to make sure that you don’t have any arrest warrants and that your records are correct. I was shocked and amazed by what this person told me.

I know how embarrassing it can be when the police come and arrest you without warning. Not to mention the stress, upset, loss of work and the financial implications that are involved. It hasn’t happened to me but I know someone who has experienced it. One way to try and avoid this situation is to do regular background checks so that you can spot any warrants early enough to get a lawyer to help you to give yourself up and straighten things out.

Criminals avoid arrest warrants by moving state

Then I was told something that took me by surprise. Apparently the person I was talking to had warrants in another state and so did his wife. It turned out that they had arrest warrants in several states dating back for years. I don’t know why this person told me this – I would rather keep that sort of thing to myself but he obviously felt confident enough not to worry about it. I suppose if I reported his whereabouts to the police he would simply move out of state again.

The police can’t afford to enforce arrest warrants from other states

He explained to me that police departments aren’t keen to chase people once they move out of the state that they committed the offence in. Apparently it’s too expensive to cooperate with other police departments and I guess “out of state – out of mind”.

There could be more criminals living by you than you think

It’s very common for criminals to commit offences in one state then move to another when they get caught. Some even live in one state and commute to other states to commit crimes. The police almost never come after them unless they can catch them red handed in the act. This means that there might be far more criminals in your neighborhood than you imagined there could be.

Think about this for a moment. Any of your friends, neighbors, people you work with or hire to do work for you. Any of them might be criminals and you would never suspect it. That’s a scary thought.

Find out who the criminals are

After this conversation I was worried and you should be too. I wanted to find out who and where the criminals were so that I could take steps to protect myself. You can find a lot of background information about someone by going online and using a public records web site. You can find out if someone has arrest warrants or a criminal record. You can also find out if they are married – useful if you are dating them – or bankrupt and many other things that you can use to make sure someone is who they say they are and that they aren’t hiding something from you.

Check out your neighborhood today

Who knows what you’ll find when you start to check out your friends and neighbors. You should check out the people who live near you and anyone you come into contact with. Make a point of doing arrest warrant searches on anyone that you might hire to do any work for you and anyone you might date. You could save yourself a lot of problems and if they come up clean then you will have peace of mind.

Find out if someone has a warrant for arrest

Author: Steve Gee

Find Criminal Records | Do You Know If Your Friends Are Criminals?

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

How to check your friends and your workmen for criminal records

Click to find criminal records

Do you trust the people around you? How do you know that your friends or people that you have dealings with are who they appear to be? It seems to be very common to hear about serial killers, kidnappers and thieves who led perfectly ordinary lives. Even their closest friends had no idea that they had a life on the other side of the law. How can you protect yourself from people like that?

Elle and Jack are a typical couple with busy lives living in the suburbs. They don’t have the time to do all the little odd jobs about the place that they want to do so they looked for someone reliable that they could pay do do it for them. When they saw the work that Mick was doing on a neighbors property they were very interested. They were impressed by the quality of work and their neighbor told them that Mick was a reliable worker. Elle and Jack asked Mick to do a small repair job on their property as a sort of test before giving him more work.

Mick did the job later that week. He was efficient and the work was of a good standard. Both Elle and Jack liked Mick a lot because he was a very likeable and sociable person as well as being good at his job. They saw no reason why they shouldn’t give Mick a more substantial list of projects to undertake. They were so taken by Mick that Elle and Jack sidn’t think twice about giving Mick a set of keys to the property so that he good proceed with the work while they were out at work.

It took Mick a little longer to complete the list of work that he originally expected but Jack and Elle were happy to pay Mick for his extra time because they were so happy with the job that he had done. Mick asked for cash payment which is a common request for some reason.

Check someone’s criminal record now

Mick left the area and then the problems began

Elle and Jack were very pleased with the job that Mick had done for them. He had accomplished a whole load of things that they had been planning to do for years. They thought the world of Mick. That is until they started to notice some things that were not quite right.

There were some things that they didn’t use very often like power tools and jewelry but when they did look for them they were not to be found. Elle and Jack just thought that they had misplaced them and that they would turn up sometime.

Then they noticed some transactions that they didn’t recognize on their credit cards. They were all small and Elle and Jack never usually pay much attention to their statements so it went unnoticed for a while. When they added it all up it came to tens of thousands of dollars and Mick was the prime suspect.

This doesn’t have to happen to you

This story never happened but this kind of thing does happen for real all the time. It never occurred to Elle and Jack that Mick could be a serial thief with a criminal record but they could have checked had they wanted to. They could have done a background check on Mick to find criminal records and if they had they might well have changed their minds about hiring him in the first place. They could have saved themselves a lot of money and stress.

Free Inmate Locator | The federal Inmate Locator Web Site

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

How to find out if someone is in jail or in federal prison?

Click to find someone in jail

A few years ago it might have been a near impossible task to find someone who was in federal prison unless you had a good idea of where they were before you began. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I had need to find someone recently. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be and you can get a lot of the information for free. If you can’t find them using free methods or you want to dig a bit deeper into the persons background or criminal record then this is easy to do too if you don’t mind paying the small fee involved. I found that it was more than worth it for the wealth of information that I found out.

Step 1: Try the BOP Federal Inmate Lookup and USA.gov State Corrections Departments search

If the person you are looking for is in a federal prison then you should be able to look them up on the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) web site. at www.bop.gov. The site provides a searchable inmates listing which isn’t too difficult to use. It claims to list all federal inmates since 1982.

To use the free inmate locator type in the details of the person that you’re looking for and click the button to see an inmates listing together with the names of the prisons where each person is being held. If they’re still being held in prison the list will also give you a link to the facilities web site. When you do this the site might give you a long list of inmates unless the person you’re searching for has a particularly unusual name. If you get a long list then you need to somehow filter the list to find which one, if any, of the inmates is the person that you are looking for. This can be harder than it sounds.

If you don’t find the person that you are looking for on the federal BOP site it might be that they are being held in a State Correction facility and not a federal one. If this is the case then you can search for them up on the answers.usa.gov web site. The problem is that you either have to know exactly where they might be held or you have to do a search on about 37 different web sites. This is possible but it might take you some time. Also not all the correctional facilities publish their records online.

Step 2: Fine tune your search by getting some background information

When you’ve done your searches on the free sites above and you’ve filtered your results by sex, race and age you might still be left with several names on the inmates listing and you’re not sure which one of them, if any of them at all, is the person that you’re looking for. If this happens then you need to get more background information on them.

If you are lucky then you won’t need to look any further than the BOP and state web sites. They are free to use and you may well find exactly what you are looking for. If you don’t find the person that you are looking for or you want to get a background check on them to find out more about their criminal record or other information then you can use a public records web site to find what you need. This web site uses public records from all over the country and gives you easy access to them. Not only will it make it easier for you to find someone in prison, it will also give you access to as much information on them that you could want.

Free Inmate Locator: Using The federal Inmate Locator Web Site

Author: Steve Gee