Criminal Public Records Free And Nearly Free Background Checks

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Background checking is a good way to get to know someone

Find criminal records with a background check

How can you be sure that you know someone and I mean really know them? Some of the most notorious criminals in history managed to conceal their crimes from their closest friends and even their family. What chance have you got if you’ve only known them for a relatively short time?

Sometimes you might get a feeling that something isn’t quite right when you start to read between the lines and separate the facts from the charm. Other times you might have no idea that your new lover or best friend has anything to hide. So how can you be sure that you aren’t making a big mistake by getting involved with this person? You can get to know the truth about most people very well in just a few minutes one evening by searching for any criminal public records. free searches would be nice if you can find them but making a small payment can make things a lot simpler, faster and more efficient.

Are free criminal records checks a myth?

Most if not all criminal convictions are reported publicly somewhere. Some even get broadcast on live TV. In general, court proceedings aren’t a secret so you might think that you can look up anything you want. The problem is not that criminal public records are concealed from the public but that it’s so damn difficult to search them out.

If you go to one of the major search engines and type in “Free criminal public records” you are likely to get many pages of results which might lead you to believe – well it did me – that you’ll be able to find the information you want without handing over any money.

So is it true – can you really find criminal records free? I tried it, I clicked on a lot of links that claimed to show me how to find criminal records for free and here is what I found.

Not quite free criminal public records

Well I can save you a lot of time here. I guess that in some rare cases where you know exactly what you’re looking for and it just happens to be accessible online then you might be ok. This was not what I found however. I spent a lot of time clicking on links that I felt sure would lead me to some kind of free search engine that would show the results I was looking for but none of them did.

Some links were government sites that were not very friendly and would at best only show me limited information. Some sites that claimed to be free would still ask for money before you get to see any meaningful information.

The next best thing – an affordable criminal public records web site

I did find a great web site that can tell you just about anything you are likely to want to know about someone. I wanted to find out some information about a friend of mine so I searched for his name and found him in the list of results. This told me that the web site did indeed have some information about this person but you do have to pay a small fee to get the details.

This site had a good guarantee so you can get a refund if you aren’t satisfied. I gave it a go and was frankly amazed at the information you can get from this site. It was well worth the nominal fee you pay. This is the next best thing to finding criminal public records free. Try it out yourself.

Author: Steve Gee

Arrest Warrants | How to Find Criminals Who Live Near You

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

How many criminals live in your neighborhood?

Find arrest warrants now

I was talking to someone recently about the importance of doing regular background checks on yourself to make sure that you don’t have any arrest warrants and that your records are correct. I was shocked and amazed by what this person told me.

I know how embarrassing it can be when the police come and arrest you without warning. Not to mention the stress, upset, loss of work and the financial implications that are involved. It hasn’t happened to me but I know someone who has experienced it. One way to try and avoid this situation is to do regular background checks so that you can spot any warrants early enough to get a lawyer to help you to give yourself up and straighten things out.

Criminals avoid arrest warrants by moving state

Then I was told something that took me by surprise. Apparently the person I was talking to had warrants in another state and so did his wife. It turned out that they had arrest warrants in several states dating back for years. I don’t know why this person told me this – I would rather keep that sort of thing to myself but he obviously felt confident enough not to worry about it. I suppose if I reported his whereabouts to the police he would simply move out of state again.

The police can’t afford to enforce arrest warrants from other states

He explained to me that police departments aren’t keen to chase people once they move out of the state that they committed the offence in. Apparently it’s too expensive to cooperate with other police departments and I guess “out of state – out of mind”.

There could be more criminals living by you than you think

It’s very common for criminals to commit offences in one state then move to another when they get caught. Some even live in one state and commute to other states to commit crimes. The police almost never come after them unless they can catch them red handed in the act. This means that there might be far more criminals in your neighborhood than you imagined there could be.

Think about this for a moment. Any of your friends, neighbors, people you work with or hire to do work for you. Any of them might be criminals and you would never suspect it. That’s a scary thought.

Find out who the criminals are

After this conversation I was worried and you should be too. I wanted to find out who and where the criminals were so that I could take steps to protect myself. You can find a lot of background information about someone by going online and using a public records web site. You can find out if someone has arrest warrants or a criminal record. You can also find out if they are married – useful if you are dating them – or bankrupt and many other things that you can use to make sure someone is who they say they are and that they aren’t hiding something from you.

Check out your neighborhood today

Who knows what you’ll find when you start to check out your friends and neighbors. You should check out the people who live near you and anyone you come into contact with. Make a point of doing arrest warrant searches on anyone that you might hire to do any work for you and anyone you might date. You could save yourself a lot of problems and if they come up clean then you will have peace of mind.

Find out if someone has a warrant for arrest

Author: Steve Gee

Find Criminal Records | Do You Know If Your Friends Are Criminals?

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

How to check your friends and your workmen for criminal records

Click to find criminal records

Do you trust the people around you? How do you know that your friends or people that you have dealings with are who they appear to be? It seems to be very common to hear about serial killers, kidnappers and thieves who led perfectly ordinary lives. Even their closest friends had no idea that they had a life on the other side of the law. How can you protect yourself from people like that?

Elle and Jack are a typical couple with busy lives living in the suburbs. They don’t have the time to do all the little odd jobs about the place that they want to do so they looked for someone reliable that they could pay do do it for them. When they saw the work that Mick was doing on a neighbors property they were very interested. They were impressed by the quality of work and their neighbor told them that Mick was a reliable worker. Elle and Jack asked Mick to do a small repair job on their property as a sort of test before giving him more work.

Mick did the job later that week. He was efficient and the work was of a good standard. Both Elle and Jack liked Mick a lot because he was a very likeable and sociable person as well as being good at his job. They saw no reason why they shouldn’t give Mick a more substantial list of projects to undertake. They were so taken by Mick that Elle and Jack sidn’t think twice about giving Mick a set of keys to the property so that he good proceed with the work while they were out at work.

It took Mick a little longer to complete the list of work that he originally expected but Jack and Elle were happy to pay Mick for his extra time because they were so happy with the job that he had done. Mick asked for cash payment which is a common request for some reason.

Check someone’s criminal record now

Mick left the area and then the problems began

Elle and Jack were very pleased with the job that Mick had done for them. He had accomplished a whole load of things that they had been planning to do for years. They thought the world of Mick. That is until they started to notice some things that were not quite right.

There were some things that they didn’t use very often like power tools and jewelry but when they did look for them they were not to be found. Elle and Jack just thought that they had misplaced them and that they would turn up sometime.

Then they noticed some transactions that they didn’t recognize on their credit cards. They were all small and Elle and Jack never usually pay much attention to their statements so it went unnoticed for a while. When they added it all up it came to tens of thousands of dollars and Mick was the prime suspect.

This doesn’t have to happen to you

This story never happened but this kind of thing does happen for real all the time. It never occurred to Elle and Jack that Mick could be a serial thief with a criminal record but they could have checked had they wanted to. They could have done a background check on Mick to find criminal records and if they had they might well have changed their minds about hiring him in the first place. They could have saved themselves a lot of money and stress.

Criminal Public Records Free And Almost Free Background Checks

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Get to know someone by doing a background check on them

Criminal records and background checks

What do you do if you get a funny feeling about someone that you want to have a relationship with or that you want to hire for work or get close to in some other way? Do you like this person and want to get to know them better but you think that something isn’t quite right? Doing a background check on this person and checking their criminal records is a very good way to find out about someone even when you think everything is ok. It could save you from making a big mistake.

Free criminal records check – is it a myth?

If you go to Google or one of the other search engines and enter something like “criminal public records free” you will find that you get a lot of results to choose from but will any of the links give you the information that you are looking for? If it does, will it give you the information without asking you for money?

I decided to test this out. I wanted to find out if you could do a free background check on someone. It could be the new love in your life or just someone that you want to get close to. You could be completely charmed by this person and want to turn it into something more serious.

I could see from my Google search that there were a lot of web sites claiming to let you search for criminal records for free so I tried some of them.

Criminal public records free – Not quite

I tried quite a few of the links that claimed free public records before I realized that you will most likely need to pay a small fee to get the information you want despite what the headlines say. Some of the links took me to government web sites that were difficult to use and at best only allowed state wide searches and provided limited information.

Some sites claim to be free but ask you for money before showing you any meaningful results. I suppose that they get away with it because the information is freely available but the charge for making it available is not free.

The best criminal records web site I could find

The best site that I could find allows you to search for someone before making any payment but it only indicated that there was some information in the database on that person. It will give you background checks and criminal records after you pay the fee.

I was searching for information on someone that I knew and I thought that anything that I could find might be useful. If you are about to get into a serious relationship with someone or hiring them to do work for you then a background check report would be useful to you too.

The web site that I used has a no-nonsense guarantee so you can always get a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the results. I gave it a try and I was amazed by what you can find out about someone on this site. I’m not going to tell you what I found out about my friend but I was very surprised by some of the things in the report. You may not be able to find criminal public records free but this is the next best thing.

Author: Steve Gee

Arrest Warrants | How to Find Out How Many Criminals Are Active in Your Neighborhood

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Do you know where the criminals are in your area

Find someone’s criminal record

Recently I happened to be talking to someone about how important it was to know if you have an arrest warrant. What this person told me took me by surprise and it turned my thinking on it’s head.

I said that if you wanted to avoid the stress and financial loss, not to mention the embarrassment that would happen to you if the police came and arrested you on a warrant unexpectedly one day then you have to make regular checks to see if you have an arrest warrant anywhere in the country. If you know that you have a warrant then you can get a lawyer and go and hand yourself in voluntarily which not only is the right thing to do but it will also lead to the best outcome for you.

If you get an arrest warrant then simply move to another state to avoid it

I must have touched a nerve in the stranger that I was talking to because what he said to me next left me speechless. He laughed and told me that both he and his wife both had active arrest warrants in a different state and they simply moved to avoid them. Apparently they had warrants in other states dating back years and they haven’t been caught yet.

It’s too expensive to enforce arrest warrants across states

I was trying to keep the conversation light hearted at this point because I started to get a very uneasy feeling but I wanted to find out more. Apparently the police don’t enforce warrants for arrest across states because it’s too expensive for them. I guess that they think that if a criminal has moved away from their area then they are someone else’s problem.

The person that told me this then informed me that moving state was a very common method of evading the law and that he knew of many more criminals living in the area that had moved to escape capture in states where they had committed crimes.

Anyone in your area could have an arrest warrant

The implications of what I was being told started to dawn on me and I realized that this was a big problem. Why? Because it means that literally anyone in your neighborhood or any one of your work buddies or anyone that you invite into your home, could be criminals in another state. That’s a frightening thought isn’t it?

Protect yourself by knowing who the criminals are

So what can you do about it?  Sign up at a public records web site where you can check out the arrest warrants, criminal records and other background information on anyone you want. It’s not expensive compared with the peace of mind that you’ll get from knowing where the criminals are. Start by checking out the people that you have most contact with and especially anyone that you are considering hiring to do any work for you. Then you can check out all the people that live in your area.

If you are brave then you can tip off the police about the whereabouts of these criminals trying to evade warrants. The least you should do is stay away from them and don’t invite them into your home.

Author: Steve Gee

Find Criminal Records | Are Your Friends Criminals?

Monday, October 26th, 2009

How to protect yourself from people with criminal records

Find someone’s criminal record

How well do you know the people around you? Time and time again you hear of seemingly ordinary people committing the most horrible crimes. Kidnapping, murder, rape… The list goes on and on and in an alarming number of these cases the people around the criminal, including closest friends, were completely unaware of what was going on. How do you protect yourself against criminals like this?

Kate and John had been looking for someone to do some odd jobs on their property for some time so when they saw someone working on their neighbors house, Kate took the time to go and talk to him. His name was Jim and he came across as being very approachable. Kate liked him a lot so she asked him to come over and meet John that evening. John was equally impressed with Jim and they asked him to do some small jobs on their property.

Jim arranged to do the work later that week. He turned up on time, did the work efficiently and left. Kate and John were so impressed that they asked Jim to do several more jobs for them over the following weeks. Everything went according to plan and Jim became almost part of the family for a time. They came to trust Jim so much that they were quite happy to let him enter the property while they were out at work and even loaned him a set of keys.

Check his criminal record before letting him into your house.

The work took a little longer than expected as it so often does but at the end of 3 months John made a final inspection of the work and paid Jim in full. They paid cash because Jim asked for it. I’m not sure why workers in the building trade like to be paid in cash but that’s another story.

They only noticed the problem after Jim had vanished

Jim left the area and on to another job. Kate and John thought that everything was ok until one day Kate found something unusual while checking her credit card statements. Normally she doesn’t pay much attention to the statements and just clears some of the debt but this time something caught her eye.

There was a purchase that Kate didn’t recognize. It wasn’t for a large amount but she knew that she had been at a wedding all day on the date of purchase so she knew that she couldn’t have made it. She then looked closer at her statements for the previous 3 months and found that there were in fact quite a lot of transactions that she couldn’t account for. Some of them were hers of course – she simply didn’t remember using her card but there were others that definitely were not down to her. They were all small but amounted to several thousand dollars when you added them all up.

John was horrified by this and set about checking his own statements only to find the same pattern of unexplained transactions. Then they started to think about some things that they thought they had lost around the house – Kate’s cell phone and some jewelry that she didn’t wear very often. John had lost his PDA and a few power tools that hardly ever left his workshop. Had all these items been stolen?

You can avoid this happening to you

This is a fictitious story designed to illustrate a very real problem that does happen only too often. Kate and John could have avoided the problems that they now have trying to recover their money and property by doing a simple criminal records search. Jim had a criminal record and Kate and John were not his first victims. Nothing serious and he had served his time but he was an habitual thief. Something that they might have spotted from his record.

Author: Steve Gee