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Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Inteligator Review Unlimited Public Records

Background check someone now

Inteligator is one of the best and most cost effective web sites for background checks and public records available to you. Unlike many similar web sites that want to charge you for each search that you do, Inteligator allows you to do as many free searches on as many people as you want. Instead of charging you for each search you just pay a small membership fee each month.

You may be wondering at this point why you would want to sign up for a monthly membership when you only want to do a background check on one person or to see if you have any arrest warrants. This is exactly what I thought before I logged in to the Inteligator site to research for this review and I can tell you that I’m totally hooked on it.

How do I find an old friend?

I wanted to do a background search on someone that I hadn’t seen for some time. Well my first search was a waste because I spelled his name wrong but I found the information that I was looking for on my second try. I found his address which is what I was after but that’s not all that I found.

I found his phone number and some names of relatives and neighbors. I could see that he is married and that he owns his own home. There is a lot more in the report but the best part was the link to a Google map where I could even find pictures of his house on Google Street.

I did try using the Birth records search a couple of times but this only gives you a list of names and ages with few details. I found that it’s best to use the Background Check search instead. This gives you the same list of people but also gives you access to the background detail which is much more useful.

Search for arrest warrants and criminal records

Search arrest warrants free with membership Now that I had found him I decided to do a criminal records search and an arrest warrant search on him too. Thankfully I didn’t find any but just to make sure that the system was working I looked up someone who I knew would have a warrant and sure enough the search found him.

Don’t stop there – check out relatives and neighbors too

By this time I was having great fun and I decided to look up his relatives and his neighbors to see if they had and criminal records or arrest warrants. They didn’t but the results from background checks on his relatives turned up the name of someone else I used to know a long time ago.

This is a web site that I’m going to be using more and more for a long time and it was easy to see how it can save you money. If you had used a site that charged you for every search you did then doing what I did to find one old friend would have cost you many months worth of unlimited searches at Inteligator.

Public Records Searches available in the members area:

  • Arrest Warrant Search
  • Arrest Records Search
  • Background Check
  • State Criminal Records Search
  • National Criminal Records Search
  • Sex Offender Search
  • Inmate Search
  • People Search by Name
  • People Search by Address
  • People Search by Phone
  • Reverse Phone Search
  • Business Search
  • Relative Search
  • Neighborhood Check
  • Birth Records Search
  • Marriage Records Search
  • Divorce Records Search
  • Death Records Search
  • Reverse IP Search

Inteligator is easy to use

The Inteligator web site is easy to navigate and remarkably fast considering that there is over a billion records in it’s various databases. You can comfortably look up background checks, arrest warrants and other stuff on several people in less than 10 minutes. The best part is that you can do as many searches as you want for free on as many people as you want as often as you want. It won’t cost you a cent more than your monthly membership fee.

You can’t afford not to have Ineligator working for you

If you are dating then you need to make sure that your dates are telling you the truth and are not criminals. If you hire people to do work for you or invite them into your house then you want to do a background check on them first. If you use babysitters or nannies then you must check them out before leaving them with your child. You might just want to locate people that you haven’t seen in a long time. Inteligator is perfect for doing all of these things and more. Can you afford to be without it? Give it a try. It comes with a very good guarantee which means that you aren’t taking any kind of risk but I think that you will want to keep your membership for a long time to come.

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Inteligator for unlimited background searches

Author: Steve Gee

Look Up Criminal Records And Understand Them

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Criminal records and what you can look up online

Background check fingerprint and magnifyer

Background check someone now

Do you want to know how to look up someone’s criminal record? You might be suspicious about a friends behaviour or you might know that they haven’t always been on the right side of the law and you want to find out exactly what they have done. You might have a new date and you want to do a quick background check to find out more about the person. These are just some of the reasons that you might want to look up criminal records but do you know what all the different types of offences mean?

Doing background checks on someone to look up such things as criminal records, email addresses, marriage records,arrest records and much more has never been as easy as it is today. In just a few short years the Internet has turned near impossible tasks into astonishingly simple and quick jobs that can be a pleasure to undertake. In the USA, looking up criminal records and other background information has been made very easy and affordable for you by public records Investigations web sites. You can literally background check everyone you know.

So what types of criminal records might you find and what do they all mean? There are quite a few different categories and it is important that you understand what they all mean.


Offences that are considered to be the least serious are called misdemeanors. They include such things as shoplifting, Driving under the influence of alcohol, traffic offenses and other small crimes. Unless the offender has prior criminal record these offences are not likely to result in any custodial sentence. Misdemeanors may not show on all searches and some states do not consider it to be part of your criminal record.


A felony can be any crime that is more serious than a misdemeanor. Anything from drug possession to rape and murder. If you see an offence described simply as “Felony” on someone’s criminal record then you should try to find out exactly what felony crime it refers to.

Traffic Violations

Petty traffic offences such as speeding or running a red light do not make it onto someone’s criminal record in all states unless it involved someone getting killed or damaging property or some other more serious result.

Sex Offender listings

For sexual offences it is now normal for the convicted person to be ordered to sign the sex offender register and to keep it informed of their current address. Since the late 1990′s sex offender registers have been maintained in most states in addition to a national register administered by the FBI. If a person is listed on this register then it will show on a criminal records lookup.

Parole and Probation violations

If a prisoner is released on parole, before they have served their full sentence they can be sent back to prison if they do not stick to all of the strict conditions that the parole imposes on them. Someone can be given probation as an alternative to sending them to prison. Again it comes with strict conditions and if the offender breaks any of these then they can be sent to prison. Parole and Probation are very different but violating the conditions of either can result in prison time.

Arrest Records

Arrest records are available for some states and show the date of arrest, what the offense was and what type of offence it is. You might also find other information such as conviction dates, fine amounts, photos etc.

Conviction Record

If the person has been convicted of any offense of any type then this information should be included on their record. There may also be entries resulting from someone being judged delinquent, being dishonorably discharged, placed on probation, fined, imprisoned or paroled by any law enforcement or military authority.

Inmate Records

Information is drawn from U.S. Federal and State prisons and reports may include probation and parole records. You may find a description of the offence, time served, sex, age, release date etc.

So now that you know what all the different types of offences that show on a report are about go and look up criminal records now. It’s easy, fast and affordable.

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Convict Search Engines | No Dating Without Checking

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Find warrants for my arrest

Arrested and muted man

Search for criminal records

Always check your dates

It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, you still need to be very careful when you date someone. I’ve just been reading an article about a mature lady who paid a dating agency a lot of money to find and vet a suitable partner for her only to find that the man they fixed her up with had a string of convictions to his name.

Now you might have expected that the dating agency would have made reasonable efforts to check whether it’s members have criminal records or not. After all this wasn’t a cheap online dating site, the fees were thousands of dollars and for that I think that price you should expect a thorough service. Apparently this didn’t happen in this case.

Why pay an expensive dating agency?

You may ask yourself why anyone would want to pay so much money to an agency just to find a date. There are plenty of free dating web sites on the Internet that you can use after all. I’m guessing that they do it because they think that the agency will protect them in some way from getting a bad apple. It’s also possible that they think that the more they pay then the more protection they are going to get. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

So if you can’t rely on someone else to background check your dates for you then what can you do? I would suggest that wherever possible you take responsibility for checking people out yourself. There is no harm in employing an agency who should be doing this for you of course but even if you do then do make sure that you do some simple online checks yourself. This way you can be sure that you have done everything that you can to make sure that you stay safe.

Background check your date

Before you ever do anything serious with a new friend, no matter how you met them, check them out online. There are some very well established background checking web sites on the Internet that you can use very cheaply. Not only do they work like convict search engines to show you previous convictions and arrest warrants that your date might have but they can also tell you a lot more about your friend too. Possibly more than you could ever expect from a dating agency or web site.

When I first started using background checking web sites to investigate people I wanted to know the big stuff like has he got any convictions or warrants out for him? Sometimes I was interested to know whether someone had been made bankrupt or not. A pretty important point when you are considering the possibility of spending the rest of your life with someone.

Investigating people can be fun

I hadn’t been investigating people online for very long before I realized that there was so much more information that you can potentially find out about someone by using these web sites. You can check their address and phone number for a start. You can then go on to check if there are any marriage or divorce records. Did he tell you that he wasn’t married? Now you might be able to catch him out.

When you have done all that you can even find information about relatives and neighbors. It’s a whole lot of fun and can be very addictive once you get started.

Online investigations web sites gather together as much publicly available information that they can find into one enormous database. They can never be completely accurate or 100% complete of course but new records are added all the time and if you find something in there that gives you reason for concern then you should challenge your friend with it. It is always better to be safe than sorry so remember, make sure that your friend isn’t hiding his past from you. No dating without background checking first.

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Author: Steve Gee

Criminal Records Dont Get Convicted By Your Facebook Posts

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Is Facebook a friend or your worst enemy?

Find criminal records now

Judges gavel used to convict

Look up someone’s criminal record

Facebook is arguably one of the very best inventions of the last 50 years. Or is it one of the worst abominations to be conceived yet? It all depends on your point of view and if you are one of the unfortunate people who have lost a job, been turned down for a job, been cyber-bullied or even got a criminal record because of something posted on FB then you know what I’m taking about.

It’s undeniable that social networking sites have brought pleasure to millions of people around the world. It has allowed people to keep in touch despite vast distances and passage of time. It has brought old friends together when they thought that they would never see each other again. Many people use FB as an invaluable tool to organize events and keep their social life in order. Communicating with people has never been easier, especially now that you can do it so easily on your phone while mobile.

The dark side of Facebook

There is however a dark side to this new found freedom of communication and expression. Social networks make it possible for you to track the daily activities of all your friends and allows you to communicate with them any time that you want to. This very same technology makes it possible for employers to build a background profile of you and use it to decide whether to give you a job or not. Worse still, your Facebook profile can provide evidence to the police and land you with a criminal record.

If you apply for a job in an office and your FB profile shows that you regularly party the night away into the small hours they might take that into consideration. If you apply for a job working with children but your FB page shows you in compromising situations then there is a good chance that you will not get the job.

Some people post pictures of themselves actually committing offenses thinking that their pages are private. This can get you into serious trouble. It can get you arrested and provide the prosecution with all the ammunition that they need to secure a conviction. You then have a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life.

Don’t stop using Facebook

I don’t want to stop you from using FB. As I said, the social benefits it brings are huge and I would not want to deny you those benefits. What I do want you to do is act responsibly when you are using it.

The first thing that you must do is use the tools that Facebook provide to secure your account. This means setting your profile so that only the people that you want to see your information can see it. When you have done that you have probably done more than most to help keep your life private and secure your reputation.

Online security is never enough

Simply securing your account is not enough however. Remember that you are relying on the owners of FB to be responsible and respect your privacy wishes. Can you trust them to do that? I would not. You must also remember that FB is just one huge software program. It is built by programmers who are human and don’t always get things right. I know this because I’m a programmer myself. A web site like Facebook is a complex piece of software which is impossible secure 100% with certainty. If there is even a small hole in the security then the hackers will find it sooner or later.

Even if Facebook was 100% secure one of your ‘friends’ could take your posts and images and post them elsewhere. You may forget that you made your boss a friend and then post something bad about the company that you work for. A sure way to get yourself fired if you ask me.

FB will also give up your information to the police to comply with court orders. Anything that you write or post online can and will be held against you in court if the police choose to do so when they charge you with an offence. A conviction for smashing a window is easy to achieve if you post a picture of you doing it on FB.

Anything you post on line may be found in a background check

So don’t stop using FB but whenever you post stuff there you should assume that whatever you put on the site may someday become public. Before you post ask yourself this question “Would I want anyone else to see this?”. If you would rather not show this information to your employer, a prospective employer, your ex partner or the police then don’t post it. Keep it to yourself. If you do this every time then you should be able to sleep easier at night knowing that it can’t come back to bite you one day.

Don’t get yourself a criminal record because you have posted something online to Facebook or anywhere else on line. It’s easy enough for someone to do a background check on you online without you helping out by posting all your secrets too.

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Author: Steve Gee

Criminal Records: Just How Just Is Our Justice System?

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

The truth is out there if anyone would bother to look for it

Find criminal records now

Judges gavel used to convict

Look up someone’s criminal record

Have you ever thought about what goes on in the justice system? Do you assume that all the bad guys get caught and all the innocent people have nothing to fear? Isn’t that what the police and the justice system do? search out the truth and never convict an innocent person?

Most of us think that way. I know that I did until I saw the reality of the situation when a friend of mine was convicted for a serious offence and sent to prison for 6 years. I don’t believe that he committed the crime and there wasn’t a shred of evidence to prove that he did it and yet, they saw fit to convict him.

Are the police more interested in the conviction that they are in the truth?

We all believed that the police and legal teams would work together to uncover the truth and that the defendant would be cleared of the charges against him.

Did this happen? No it did not. The police had no other suspects so they stopped looking for evidence that could have cleared his name. He had no alibi and no way of proving his innocence. The trial went ahead with no clear evidence that he was guilty or innocent.

You would have thought that with no clear evidence of guilt that the jury would return a not guilty verdict on the grounds that there was reasonable doubt. But no, they did exactly the opposite and they did it unanimously.

The jury does not always make the right decision

I believe that even the prosecution team was surprised at this verdict. They had made a complete mess of the evidence all along. Making up scenarios that suggested guilt but were complete fiction.

This innocent man is now doing a long custodial sentence and his name will be tarnished forever. He has been condemned to a lifetime of low paid jobs and public disgrace.

There needs to be a change in the justice system. We will never be able to call ourselves a civilized society until our justice system becomes more interested in finding the ruth than it is about due process and makeing someone pay even if it is the wrong person. Lets not forget also that the real guilty person is still out there, potentially committing crimes. No one is looking for the real criminal.

There are more innocent people in prison than you might think

Since this case came to court I have learned that convicting innocent people has become, or still is, far more common than you could ever imagine. You don’t have to go far to fnd accounts of many alleged crimes where the evidence just does not make sense to convict someone and yet they were.

It seems that the police will go to great lengths to secure evidence that will point to a conviction at the expense of evidence to the contrary.

The jury have an impossible job

In court, the prosecution’s job is to get that conviction, not to find the truth. The jury have an impossible job of making sense of biased and unreliable evidence with no training or expertise to help them do the job. Is it any wonder that they vote with their emotions rather than fact. They are more likely to convict someone because they don’t like them than they are to examine the factual evidence objectively.

You might want to think about this the next time you look up someone’s criminal record or arrest record. Not everyone that is arrested or even convicted, are guilty.

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Author: Steve Gee

Search Criminal Public Records Free

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Don’t ignore your feelings – they could be right

Criminal records check

Find someone’s criminal record now

Have you ever had a feeling about someone that something just wasn’t quite right but you couldn’t put your finger on it? You want to trust this person because you naturally want to see the best in people.

You have noticed that there is something that just doesn’t ring true to you for some reason. Many people would call this intuition. It’s something that women seem to have in abundance but men also seem to have a share of it if the truth be told.

The funny thing about intuition is that it often turns out to be right and more often than you might imagine too. You should never ignore your intuition because you might end up regretting it if you do.One way to help you find out the truth about someone is to search criminal public records to see if they have ever been convicted. If you can do it for free then that would be so much the better right?

How to search criminal public records free

Criminal public records are maintained by municipal and county courts as well as state trial records. In addition, there are also records kept by federal trial courts.

The municipal, county and state courts are all supposed to send their records to a central state repository but it seems that this process isn’t always as reliable as it could be. Often courts are slow to transfer records to the repository and I’m told that sometimes it doesn’t happen at all.

If you are searching for criminal records on someone, the first thing that must establish is where the records might be. Someone can get a record anywhere of course but it’s more likely that any crimes were committed in or around the places where they have lived and worked.

You should then consult the criminal court index in these counties. Some counties may require a release before you can access the records that you require. In addition, you should also check the criminal court index at the state level and lastly, the federal court level.

You need to check both state and county level records to make sure that have the best chance of finding what you are looking for. If you only check criminal records at the state level then might miss some records that have not yet been transferred from county. If you only search at county level then you might miss any convictions in neighboring counties.

Criminal public records search services

Doing free searches for criminal records is easier to do now than it’s ever been. Most records are now online and the situation gets better all the time. Searching for criminal records in various county and state records web sites isn’t the fastest way to do do it however.

This is especially true when you aren’t sure where someone has lived and worked in the past. When you are trying to find someone’s criminal public records for pre-employment screening or even for someone you know socially, they may not be willing to tell you where they lived and got a conviction when you could easily look up the record.

Another approach, which you might find better suited to your needs is to use a public records online service to do your searches. You can find web sites that have already gone to all of the court records offices in the land and obtained all available public records for you.

You can search for criminal public records in every state using such a web site. It’s so quick and easy to do you won’t believe it.

Criminal background checks

How Do I Do Free Criminal Records Checks?
Read a review of a highly effective criminal public records web site.

Author: Steve Gee

FBI Criminal Background Check | How Can I Background Check Myself

Friday, August 13th, 2010

How to request an FBI background check on yourself

Do an arrest warrant search now

If you suspect that there might be some incorrect information on your FBI Identification Record or “Rap Sheet” as it is commonly known as, then you will need to make a request to obtain it. You have a right to do a criminal background check on yourself but you will have to jump through a few hoops to get hold of it.

If you are adopting a child or you need to disclose any criminal record to get work then you may need to request your criminal history record. Of course it’s more likely that you want to do your FBI criminal background check in order to prove that you don’t have a record at all.

You can request a copy of your identification record on the FBI web site at Here you will find all the instructions that you need to complete the request and get it processed.

There is a fee payable that you must include with your application. At the time of writing the stated fee was $18 which is a nominal fee to cover administrative costs.

The worst part of the application form is the fact that you have to send in a full set of your fingerprints to prove that you are who you say you are. In this instance, a drivers license and a utility bill just won’t be enough.

Fingerprints must be taken carefully so that they are clean prints and you must fill in a fresh fingerprint card too. In theory I suppose that you could do all of this yourself but I would suggest that you go down to your local law enforcement office and get an expert fingerprint technician to do it for you. This should avoid any problems with the process.

Can you get an FBI criminal background check on someone else?

No, you can’t, not through the FBI site anyway. The application has to be done in person and anyone trying to get one for someone else would need to obtain a full, yes all 10, set of fingerprints. You need to be determined just to get your own rap sheet, it would be near impossible to get one for someone else without their knowledge.

Free criminal background checks

Nothing is ever absolutely free I know and you aren’t going to get such a complete and accurate criminal background check on yourself as you will direct from the FBI itself. But it is possible for you to look up criminal and arrest records, arrest warrants and a lot more information by doing your searches in public records, online. You can do it really quickly too.

It can be a very cheap alternative and potentially provide you with a lot of diverse information that you might not get from the FBI. This could be bankruptcies, civil judgements, email addresses, property records and other interesting stuff. In addition you can do criminal background checks on anyone using public records, not just yourself.

Find out how you can do Absolutely Free Background Checks on almost anyone as many times as you want to.

Protecting yourself From Identity Theft
Claim your free gift to help you defend yourself against identity theft and show you what to do if you’ve become a victim.

Author: Steve Gee

Criminal Background Check | Instant Criminal Records Lookup

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Looking for a fast way to do a criminal background check

Instant Criminal Records Search

If you are an employer recruiting new staff then you need to be as thorough as you can reasonably be when you interview applicants and when you are checking their credentials and resumes. One of the most important checks that you should be doing is a criminal background check to make sure that you are aware of any criminal history the person might have.

verifying that someone is being truthful and upfront with you can be just as important when you are hiring someone to do some work on your property, look after your child or even going out on a date together.

If you go about it the right way then you can lookup criminal history online and find out all sorts of things about a person. You can do this fast online and it’s often all you will need. To be thorough, you should follow it up by a more robust search. Especially if you find something disturbing from the online background check.

Cover yourself if you are an employer

To be certain that there are no misunderstanding between you and the applicant that might later lead to accusations of invasion of their privacy, you should get the person to sign a waiver. You will need a suitably worded form that effectively gives you permission to obtain any information that you might need about them.

This step is a very standard and necessary one to make sure that the applicant is aware that they are giving away their privacy in return for the job consideration.

Finding Criminal records

Criminal records logo

Criminal records are not as easy to locate as you might think. records are kept at county and municipal courts as well as state trial courts. The lower courts, in theory at least, pass their records up to the state repository. Unfortunately the accuracy of this process varies from state to state which is why investigators recommend that you search at both county and state court records offices if you don’t want to miss anything.

When you check out someone’s criminal history you should check at each county court and each state court where the person has lived or worked in recent years. These are the places where any criminal records are most likely to be found if they exist.

Very serious cases might have been heard in federal courts and will not be uncovered in county and state searches. To check federal criminal records you can consult the U.S. Party/Case Index PACER service.

Instant criminal background check with online public records

The fastest and easiest way to do a criminal background check is to use an online public records web site. Trying to check all the county, state and federal court records one at a time is a time consuming task at best so it makes sense to start with a simple but near instant criminal background check using a site that makes it it’s business to collect all these records into one place for you.

Use this public records web site for instant Criminal Background Checks. It might be the only resource you need.

How to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest
Arrest warrants are another important part of any background check you carry out on someone. Find out more – Click here

Author: Steve Gee

Access Free Public Records To Find Someones Criminal Background

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Use free public records – find out what isn’t being said

Access Free Public Records

Do you find that it’s difficult to determine what someone is like when you first meet them? Even your closest friends could be hiding things from you and you would never know unless you took the trouble to verify some of the things that they tell you. You would like to think that the majority of friendships and relationships are open and transparent and I’m sure that most are. But what about the rest? What about the people you meet that tell you lies or simply leave out the things that they don’t want you to know? You can use your access to free public records when verifying what people tell you.

There are many things that can wreck a great friendship but very few are as damaging as lending money can be. Even when a relationship is close and built on truth and trust you should be very careful when you are asked for money. How do you know that you are going to get it back again? or when you might get it back. It’s always a risk and often it’s a risk worth taking if you are sure of both your friends intentions and capacity to repay. When a deal like this goes wrong it can place a huge strain on a relationship so you might want to do some research first.

Don’t lend money to someone declared bankrupt

When you are faced with the decision to lend money to a friend or not it’s often the best course to say no. If you don’t give the money in the first place then you will not have to worry about getting it back. It’s also true that lending money to someone who is already in debt is almost always a bad idea for all concerned. But what if, despite all the potential pitfalls, you decide that you still want to help your friend. You can and it may all work out but before you do why not do a background check first. This will tell you if their story is true and may alert you to any warning signs like criminal records, arrest warrants or bankruptcy reports.

How can a background check save a friendship

If you use a background check to really get to know the person you are about to hand over money to you may gain reassurance that the person is genuine and probably a good risk for your money. On the other hand you might find that your friend has a bankruptcy filed, a criminal record or other things that they have kept from you. If this is the case then you may want to think twice about the loan. In both cases the knowledge that you gain could save you from making a mistake and make sure that you stay the best of friends. Don’t worry about getting caught looking up background because good public records web sites are fully confidential

If you are worried that by doing background checks with a public records web site will turn up things that are really confidential then don’t be. Public records sites provide you with a very convenient way to access publicly available records about people but it’s all available somewhere else if you have the time to search for it.

How fast can you do a background check

There are literally billions of pieces of information held in public records databases just waiting for you to search through to find the data that you need. When you consider the sheer volume of data held in these databases it’s almost unbelievable to think that you can perform searches and access free public records in a matter of mere seconds but it’s true. Give it a try. It could save you more than one good friendship.

Search through public records and get a background check now.

Author: Steve Gee

Access Free Public Records And Check Someones Criminal Background Before Loaning Money

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Know someone better using free public records

Access Free Public Records

Relationships can be so difficult can’t they? Most of the time when you meet someone you will both be genuine and open with each other and you should have no reason to suspect that there is any intent to deceive or misinform you. In return you yourself will be open and forthcoming. This is the way great friendships start. But what if the other person has something to hide? Something that they would rather you didn’t find out about. How would you ever know that you were being told lies or that some of the truth has been left out? Find out how to access free public records to check out their background.

Even the best of relationships can be tested to the limit sometimes. No matter how close you are to someone there are some things that can break you apart so easily if you are not very careful. One of the things almost guaranteed to place a strain on any relationship is lending money. Yes it’s ok if the loan is repaid in a timely fashion and you can see that the person who you loaned it to is doing everything that they possibly can to return the cash to you. Sadly this is often not the case. Even with the best of intentions on both sides things can go wrong and wreck the relationship.

Would you loan money to someone with a criminal record?

If you are thinking of loaning someone money, what can you do to reduce the risk of the deal going sour? You might think that lending cash to someone who has been declared bankrupt, has an arrest warrant, a lien or a criminal record is an unacceptable risk and that you should think twice about handing over the dollars. But these aren’t things that people like to talk about, especially when they want to impress you before asking you to loan them some money. Doing background checks on a person before you give them money is the sensible thing to do.

Doing a background check could save your relationship

It’s very common to shy away from doing background checks on people in the false belief that they will discover your research and think that you don’t trust them. Finding out things that really should be kept private is another reason why you might not want to do a background check. Perhaps just the act of performing a background search might be enough to somehow break up a friendship. Neither of these obstacles are real however. You can do a background check using a web site that is completely confidential. There is no way that the other person can find out unless you tell them.

Public records web sites do just what they say in the description. They provide you an easy way to find information that is freely and publicly available elsewhere if you knew where to look. There is no question of you finding out things that are truly private.

Look up someone’s criminal background fast

You won’t believe how much information there is to find or how fast you can search through it all until you’ve used a web site to access free public records and do a background check for the first time. You can find out all sorts of stuff about people including any criminal records, arrest warrants or bankruptcies. Do a background check on someone today.

Author: Steve Gee