Active Arrest Warrant – Discover My Warrants Before The Cops Come To Get Me

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Why did the police get Antony Wayman out of bed in the middle of the night?

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Search for active arrest warrants

Antony is a shy kind of guy who works in a bank. He isn’t a high flyer but he knows his job very well and if he keeps his record clean he will surely progress through the ranks into a well paid position someday.

Antony is well aware of the dangers and problems that can be caused by identity theft so he routinely takes steps to avoid it happening. He shreds everything with his name or address on it. He shields his hands at the ATM machine and he never gives away any information when someone calls him on the phone. He’s never been in trouble with the police so why did the cops wake Antony up in the middle of the night banging on his doorwith an arrest warrant?

Do you know how easy it is to get your identity stolen?

It happened more than 2 years before the police came for Antony. He would usually work through his lunch hour at his desk but it was such a beautiful day he decided that for once he would take a walk in the park instead. He was feeling very daring that day so he took one of the towels from the bank washroom to sit on the grass without getting his suit dirty.

Antony found a nice spot, lay down his towel then sat on it. It was so hot that day that he couldn’t help himself lying down for just a moment to relax. It wasn’t long before Antony was asleep and he stayed that way for a good 15 minutes. He had been working so hard and he deserved a little de-stressing time. When his lunch hour was up he picked up the towel and returned to the office.

What Antony will never know is that someone picked his pocket while he was asleep that day. The thief was wearing a suit and had his own blanket to sit on. He had been waiting for someone like Antony to appear on such a nice day. When the thief saw Antony lying asleep he couldn’t believe his luck. Picking his wallet out of his pocket and replacing it was no problem at all to him. He didn’t steal anything so Antony will never know that it happened.

Antony had just had his identity stolen. The thief got away with his credit card numbers, his address and his bank employee number. More than enough to enable the thief to impersonate him.

How to get into trouble without doing anything wrong

If someone gets caught committing a crime then gets let out on bail and disappears, the court will issue a Bench Warrant. If the criminal gave the police your name instead of their own then the Bench Warrant will be made out for your arrest and not for the real criminal. Scary isn’t it?

Now the thief that stole Antony’s identity had never planned to get caught but he had planned escape routes to use if he ever did get caught. In this case his escape route was Antony’s identity and it worked beautifully. He managed to get off free without the fear of the police chasing him. Antony will get that pleasure.

This story is all fiction, it never happened. At least it didn’t happen to Antony because I made him up but it could happen to you.

If you have an arrest warrant you can get arrested at any time

It might be when you get pulled over for a random auto check or you were driving a little too fast. The police will often do a routine check on you and if they find any warrants they will arrest you right there.

If you don’t get arrested like this then sooner or later the cops will come for you and drag you out of your home. They won’t care whether you’re guilty or not. There is a warrant for your arrest and it’s their job to arrest you.

Discover your arrest warrants before the cops come for you and sleep easy at night

If you hand yourself in voluntarily when you have an arrest warrant then the court will most likely treat you better than if the police had to search you out and bring you in. Show that you’ve made an effort to put things right and you’ll be rewarded for it. At the very least you can avoid the embarrassment of being arrested on your doorstep in your robe. But how do you find out if you have a warrant or not?

Regular background checks could save your embarrassment

It can take only 5 minutes to do a background check on yourself using an online public records database. It’s quick, cheap and fully confidential. If you discover that you have a warrant you can see a lawyer and hand yourself in. Sort it out now before the situation turns into a major problem in your life.

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Author: Steve Gee

How To Check Warrants For Arrest | It’s No Joke If You Have An Arrest Warrant

Friday, December 10th, 2010

So where do you go to check warrants for arrest?

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Search for active arrest warrants

Imagine how you would feel if a police officer turned up at your door with an arrest warrant for you. Would you think that it was amusing? Well you might, for an instant before you realized that this was for real and not some Kiss-O-Gram prank. Your heart starts to race, your head spins and you break out in a cold sweat right there on the doorstep. It won’t matter if you have done anything wrong or not. I’m guessing that your reaction will be the same either way.

If you deal with an arrest warrant by getting yourself a lawyer, handing yourself in and getting it sorted out before you get the call from the police then things can be very different for you. This is why you should never ignore a warrant when you know that you have one. But it’s not always easy to know when you have a warrant, especially when you never actually committed any offence. So how do you check for arrest warrants?

Are you familiar with what an arrest warrant is?

There are at least two kinds of warrants both of which can ultimately result in your arrest. Bench Warrants” are issued by the court rather than the police. You will most likely get a Bench warrant if you fail to follow the courts instructions like turn up in court, pay a fine or perform some other duty. The more commonly understood Arrest Warrant would normally be raised by the police by application to a judge. This can happen if the police can demonstrate that they have enough evidence to suspect that you might have committed an offence. You don’t have to have actually done anything wrong.

Is someone else using your name and personal information?

It’s no laughing matter if someone steals your identity either. Especially if they use it to commit a crime and leave you to carry the blame. This has to be one of the worst scenarios that you can think of. The thief might have not only stolen your money from your bank account and taken out loans in your name, they might also have landed you with a warrant for arrest for something that you have absolutely no knowledge of too.

Get there first ahead of the cops

Perhaps the greatest invention of the 20th Century is the Internet and it’s just getting better and better. You can find almost anything online and vast amounts of new information are being added every day. It’s no surprise then that you might be able to find your warrants online if you know where to go. There are web sites dedicated to gathering this kind of information so it’s never been as easy to check for your warrants for arrest.

You don’t have to stop at arrest warrants or be satisfied with searching for information just about yourself either. Online public records web sites allow you to do background checks on just about anyone you want and no one needs to know that you have been investigating.

Are there other ways to check for arrest warrants?

You don’t have to use the easy route of looking for your warrants in public records online. There are some alternatives that you can try.

You can do nothing and wait to be arrested. It’s a gamble and if it pays off then all is well and good. But are you prepared to take the risk?

Make a trip to the courthouse where the court records are kept. This will work fine if you know that you have a warrant and which court issued it. It’s no good if you might have a warrant somewhere else.

Ask a police officer. This will most likely work like a charm. The trouble is it might work too well and get you arrested on the spot.

To check warrants for arrest easily and quickly the best way is to use a Background checking web site.

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Arrest Warrant Search | Unlimited Warrant Checks

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Searching for free arrest warrants has never been so easy

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Search for active arrest warrants

I bet you never thought that you would be able to search for arrest warrants, on just about anyone you want to, as easily as you can find out what the weather is going to be like. Well now you can do exactly that and you might be surprised to find that it can often be more reliable than the weather report too.

When it comes to online public records web sites you have a choice of two basic tyoes of site in the way you pay for the service. In my opinion there is one type of site that provides outstanding usability and value for money.

There is no official government database containing all arrest record information from every agency in the country so the gap has been plugged by commercial web sites with a mission to gather all public records including arrest warrants and criminal records, from all over the land.

How do you want to pay?

Compared to the old method of hiring a private investigator to find information for you, searching public records online can be very affordable indeed. Before you start though you should consider how you would like to pay for the service offered.

Good public records web sites can be found with two very different payment systems. The first type of records site will charge you a small fee for each and every search of the database that you perform. This kind of web site is fantastic if you have a specific requirement that can be satisfied with a small number of database lookups. You know what you want so you go in and get it and that’s the end of it.

Don’t stop at arrest warrants

In my experience you rarely come across an investigation where you can get the information that you want with just one or two targeted searches. You might start out doing an arrest warrant search for someone but end up doing searches for variations on their name, searching in multiple states and then looking for criminal records or additional information about them.

What if you want to do arrest warrant searches on a number of people and maybe check to see if they have criminal records. You probably want to look for all sorts of information about them just to make sure that they are indeed who they claim to be and that they aren’t living someone else’s life for instance. It’s surprising how quickly the number of searches you need to perform add up. When it does it can make more sense for you to pick a public records service that allows unlimited searches for a fixed monthly fee. It can work out a lot cheaper.

Membership of a good public records background check web site is not only excellent value for money but has other benefits which may not be immediately obvious. In return for agreeing to pay a small monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time of course, you are given unlimited access to the billions of records in the database. You can search for arrest warrants and other information as much as you want, on as many people as you want to, any time you want to. Think about that for a moment.

Find out background about everyone

Now you have no reason at all not to do an arrest warrant search and background check on all of the people that you come into contact with. People that you hire to work on your property, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your neighbors, your children’s teachers or your co-workers. Any one of these people could be hiding something from you that you really should know about. Start with arrest warrants and keep going.

It’s also a good way of finding people that you haven’t seen for a long time. Just keep typing in names and places that you know until you find enough information to locate them.

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Author: Steve Gee

Search For Warrants | How To Find My Warrants For free

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Free public records warrant checks

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Search for warrants now

You can look up your arrest warrants by going to the courthouse where they were issued for free because they are public records. You have a right to see them. Some authorities might want to charge you an administration fee for the records so you can’t always guarantee that it’s a completely no cost way to search for warrants but it should be relatively straightforward.

The Internet and the World Wide Web have become indispensable tools for finding almost any kind of information. Because arrest warrants are public records then it follows that you should be able to find them online also. And you can, if you know where to look. Most police departments are realizing that by publishing warrant records, they can make it easier to track down wanted people and help prevent crime. The volume of records online and the ease with which you can access them can only get better as time goes on.

If you have the time you can search for warrants for someone by surfing to the web sites of local county and state law enforcement offices. Many now provide an online search capability that you can use for free. Others might ask you to send a request of some form before you get the information. This process is easy and generally straightforward enough but it can take up a huge amount of your time if you don’t know precisely where you should be looking.

Why are you searching for arrest warrants?

Regular searches for your arrest warrants can help you to avoid some of the more unpleasant aspects of warrants that you are unaware of or forgotten about. This can include getting a call from the police while you are asleep at home and getting taken to jail in handcuffs. More often you can get pulled over for a minor traffic violation and get arrested when the officers find your warrant as a matter of routine.

In all of these cases it would have been better to have handed yourself in after seeking legal advice but you need to know that you have an active warrant before you can do that. Handing yourself in voluntarily always goes down well in court because the judge will see that you have made a real effort to put things right.

It’s also a good idea to do a criminal background check including a search for arrest records and warrants on anyone that you have any dealings with. Just to make sure that you aren’t walking into trouble. Using a public records web site for background checks is confidential so no-one needs to know that you have been investigating them.

National free search for warrants

You can go to web sites that provide you with access to public records that have been gathered from just about every available source that you can imagine from all over the country. These sites have to charge you for using the site but because the demand for information from people like yourself is huge, they are able to give you the service for a very affordable price. If you are trying to find out if someone has an arrest warrant or a criminal record that might be from anywhere in the country then you should be using a public records sites to do it. It beats spending all your time tracking down the information for free and can be much more effective in finding the information you want.

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Search Free Arrest Warrants
How to search for arrest warrants in free public records.

How Do I Check For Active Arrest Warrants?
How do I check for arrest warrants and sleep easy at night? Don’t wait for the police to knock at your door.

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Warrant For Arrest Search | How To Search For Warrants

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Who wants to do a warrant for arrest search?

Warrant For Arrest Search – Click to do it now

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The world would most likely be a better place to live in if you took advantage of the inexpensive tools you have available to you for finding arrest warrants, criminal records and other background information about people. If we all knew who the criminals are then there might be less crime and fewer criminals.

If you are dating someone or you are about to offer them a job of some sort then you might want to know about any arrest warrants that they might have.

If you are about to give someone access to your home to do some work or just on a social invitation then it might be a good idea to find out if they have a criminal record first.

If you are about to entrust the care of your children to someone then you should try to find out everything that you can about the person before you leave your kids with them. You can do a much more comprehensive background check on them than you can by just looking them up in the sex offender register too

Look up your own warrant for arrest

Don’t forget to check yourself out regularly for arrest warrants too. You never know when you might pick one up and it could be for something that you know nothing about. Getting yourself a lawyer, handing yourself in and dealing with a warrant as quickly as possible is always better than getting arrested by surprise and thrown behind bars.

Warrant for arrest search on friends and neighbors

Do you know who your friends are? I mean, how well do you know them really? You probably only know what they have told you about themselves. Why would they tell you about their criminal records and arrest warrants? They might be wanted by the police right now.

Arrest warrants are not convictions

When you are doing a warrant for arrest search on someone you should bear in mind that lots of innocent people get warrants and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have done anything wrong.

Arrest warrants don’t always lead to convictions but they do stay on the record for you to find. If you do find that someone has an arrest record then you should try to find out more about them before you make your judgement.

You can find out more about a person by checking their criminal history, bankruptcy records, their address and general background information. You want to know if they are really who they say that they are don’t you?

You might be interested in their credit rating too if there could be money involved in your association with the person.

Warrant for arrest search online

Most law enforcement departments now publish active arrest warrants and arrest records online which makes it very easy for you to check someone out if you know which area they might have warrants in.

If you want to do a wider search then you can use an inexpensive public records online database. Arrest records are public records and they are collected by public records web sites to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Check out this review of a respected public records provider Access Free Public Records

Web sites like this collect all sorts of public records, not just warrants, You can search criminal records, court records, bankruptcies, addresses, neighbors and all kind of things.

There is no reason why you should not do a warrant for arrest search or a background check on everyone you know because it is so quick, easy and cheap to do.

Do a Warrant For Arrest Search Now

Author: Steve Gee

Search for Public Arrest Records Its Important

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Don’t take chances – Background check the people around you

Find public arrest records now

It’s sad but true that you can never be too careful today. Whether you are looking for a handyman or a nanny for your children, or maybe you’ve just met your new neighbors, or you are about to go out on a date. Find out as much as you possibly can about the people you come in contact with. Searching through public arrest records can help to put your mind at ease.

Public arrest records are easier to get your hands on than you might think and they can provide you with a lot of very important information about people – including any criminal or other activity you might be interested in.

In general, there are no limits on the release of arrest records, and usually you can do whatever you want with them. Public arrest records are available to everyone.

In rare cases arrest records can be sealed in the name of the public interest or security, or when the alleged crime was committed when the subject was under the age of being considered a legal adult. This is the only time when an arrest warrant may not be available to you.

Arrest records are not proof that someone is guilty

You should note that public arrest records are just that – records of arrest. They are not conviction records so the person may be completely innocent. Arrest records just mean that the person was arrested. As always they’re innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Still, arrest records can be used in a lot of situations and they can provide information that might help you in making your decisions. Background checks that includes searching public arrest records is often performed on job applicants.

Arrest records can give you clues to someone’s background

If you have any rental properties and you are vetting potential tenants, you’ll want to search public arrest records to see if they’ve been involved in any unsavory activities. It’s acceptable to check out people that could affect your life – your dates, your in-laws, your neighbors, people who work in and around your home, and any new friends.

You might feel a bit odd about checking the public arrest records of your friends and neighbors, not to mention your dates but remember that these people are most likely law-abiding citizens. Wouldn’t you like to know if they weren’t?

Depending on what the arrest was for, your association with them may change. You can also check how long ago the arrest happened. If this person is now 50 and had a minor arrest when he was 19 then it might be safe to say that he’s no longer a risk because of it.

Where to get arrest record information

Information about arrest records can be obtained from local police departments, sheriff’s departments and state police departments, or other law enforcement agencies.

You can also use private companies to supply you with public arrest records and any other information regarding a person. Usually for a fee. These companies can sometimes search many databases at one time, making the arrest record search quicker and more convenient.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Think about searching public arrest records as a small price you pay to ensure the safety of yourself, your family, your property and your business.

Search public arrest records now

How Do I Check For Active Arrest Warrants?
Ways to check to see if someone has an arrest warrant.

Author: Steve Gee

Arrest Records Public Records | How To Find Warrants

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Arrest records are public records – Use them wisely

Find public arrest records now

Yes you can access arrest records and you should take advantage of this fact if you ever have any dealing with anyone at all. This means pretty much every one of us of course. You can never be too careful about the people that you work with, go on dates with, work for you or even people that you meet casually. Any one of them might have a criminal record or an arrest warrant.

If you are hiring someone to work for you then this is definitely a time when you should be checking arrest records. You have a duty not only to yourself, but to your organization too. If you are about to get personally involved with someone then you owe it to yourself to check out this person’s background. You could save yourself a whole lot of trouble by finding out the truth up front.

An arrest record does not mean that someone is a criminal

Just because someone has an arrest record, it doesn’t mean that they are bad people. You must remember that perfectly innocent people get arrest warrants and arrested all the time. You don’t usually have much control over whether you get an arrest warrant or not so you must be careful not to jump to false conclusions.

On the other hand, everyone that has ever been convicted of a crime was arrested first. So the fact that someone has been arrested should give you sufficient cause to investigate further. It may have been nothing more than a mistake but it could easily be something more.

Searching for arrest records nationally

In theory you can do a nationwide search for arrest records by making requests in every court in the country. Unfortunately this is practically impossible due to the huge numbers of courts that you would have to apply to. So how can you look up someone’s arrest records?

If you can’t reasonably check every court in the land then what should you do? Well you have to take reasonable care when you do your searches and try as hard as you reasonably can to find the records.

The first thing that you can do is to check out arrest records in a public records database. This type of database can be found online and will offer you their accumulated arrest record data. Information that has been collected over many years from publicly available sources both online and offline. You can use a web site like this to do a nationwide warrant or record search. It may not be quite as up to date as the actual courts records will be but it does give you the ability to to check many areas at once very quickly.

Depending on what you find on the public records site you may want to do a more targeted search using the courts themselves. To do this you must find out all the places where the person has lived and worked over the past 7 years. Then you can apply in just those courts close to where the person spent most of their time.

It will never be possible to say with 100% confidence that someone does not have an arrest record but if you follow these guidelines you can be satisfied that you have taken all reasonable precautions.

Find arrest records now

How Do I Check For Active Arrest Warrants?
Ways to check to see if someone has an arrest warrant.

Author: Steve Gee

Free Warrant Search | How To Search Free Arrest Warrants

Friday, August 20th, 2010

How to do a free warrant search online

Find arrest warrants now

It’s getting to the point where just about every bit of information about everyone seems to be available on the Internet. Not all of this personal information might be a good thing but arrest warrants are an example of the kind of freely available information that I like to see.

If someone has an outstanding arrest warrant then it’s in everyone’s best interest for it to get noticed as quickly as possible. It deters people from offending and helps to catch those that do.

When you are able to look to find someone’s arrest warrants so easily while you are sitting at home in your armchair you really have no excuses for not doing it. You can literally do a background check on everyone you know in an evening if you want to.

You can’t tell a criminal by just looking at them

But you say that you prefer to trust people do you? Maybe this is because you think that you are a great judge of character and nobody could ever hold a secret like a criminal record or arrest warrants from you. You would just know a criminal when you saw one.

Well I’m sorry but this just doesn’t happen very often. Some of the most notorious criminals in history went about their normal lives without being suspected by their friends or even their relatives. Until they got caught that is, often having committed horrible crimes to the people around them.

Why should you simply trust someone now, when there is no need to? Why not search for their arrest warrants and background online to make sure that this person is who they say they are and that they have no skeletons in the cupboard that they are trying to keep from you.

Arrest warrant records are kept by law enforcement agencies and they are in general, freely available to you on request. To make the whole system more transparent and to improve the capture rate of offenders, most arrest warrants are now available online waiting for you to search them for free.

Searching free arrest warrants in public records

The only problem with this is that each law enforcement agency has their own web site and they only publish warrants for their own area. If you are trying to do a free warrant search on someone then you might have to spend hours looking through every county, state and federal web site before you can be satisfied that you have looked everywhere.

You don’t have to spend hours searching for one persons arrest warrants though. You can use a public records web site where they have pulled together all the arrest warrants and other background information into one place so that you can search it all in one go. These specialist web sites gather information from both offline and online sources and have built databases with billions of records waiting for you to use it.

Use public records to find arrest warrants

How do I Check For Active Arrest Warrants. Find out how to check for outstanding arrest warrants and do background checks on yourself and others.

Author: Steve Gee

Free Outstanding Warrant Search 10 Tips

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Searching for active arrest warrants

Get started doing outstanding warrant searches now

If you are attempting to do a free outstanding warrant search, either on yourself, or someone else then here are a few tips that you might want to bear in mind.

As with most things in life, you might find that you are able to do an absolutely free warrant search by doing all the work yourself. That is if you have the time and patience to do it. You can reduce your workload significantly by using paid services to do the work for you. It’s a lot faster and it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune any more.

1. Don’t ignore a warrant

Whatever you do, don’t assume that a warrant will disappear if you ignore it for long enough. It won’t go away, no matter how long it’s been. Sooner or later they will catch up with you and arrest you. You will be much better off if you give yourself up before that happens.

2. Get yourself a lawyer

When you discover that you have an outstanding warrant the first thing that you should do is get a lawyer. You can handle the warrant without one if you must but you will be much better off if you let a professional guide you through the process.

3. Hand yourself in

Your lawyer will prepare and guide you through the process of handing yourself in and making sure that you do things in the best way for you. it is important that you hand yourself in voluntarily before you get arrested as this will show that you are trying to cooperate fully.

4. Search for outstanding warrants regularly

You can get an outstanding warrant at any time. You may not realize that you have one and you don’t have to have done anything wrong to get one either. An outstanding warrant might even be the result of having your identity stolen. Checking regularly is the only way to pick up warrants as they happen.

5. Don’t ask a cop

You might be tempted to do a very quick and easy free outstanding warrant check by calling at your local law enforcement office and asking. This strategy may not work if you are trying to search for someone else’s warrants and if they find a warrant outstanding for you then they might just arrest you on the spot.

6. Take precautions to avoid identity theft

Identity theft is a big problem and it’s getting worse. As many as 1 in 4 Americans may fall victim to this crime at some time in our lives. It makes sense to be careful with your personal information for all sorts of reasons and getting an unexpected warrant is one of them. Download a free ebook to help Protect you from identity theft

7. Avoid Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is generally avoidable. This is a warrant issued by the court when you fail to do something you were told to do. Always do what the court tells you to do.

8. Avoid Arrest Warrants

harder to avoid than Bench Warrants because you don’t have to do anything wrong to get one. If you have committed an offence however then you are much more likely to get a warrant. Don’t break the law.

9. Check for warrants at county and state level

Check both state and county records in the area where you are most likely to have warrants. Many authorities now publish arrest records on the web which should make your job a little easier.

10. Use free public records

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Find outstanding warrants now

Arrest warrants are public records which means that they are freely available to anyone who wants to see them. You can search through public records from across the nation using a web site that specializes in holding that information. This can be very helpful if you don’t know where your outstanding warrants might be.

Learn how to find warrants for free – Search Free Arrest Warrants

11. Bonus tip – Search outstanding warrants for anyone you want

When you use a public records web site you aren’t limited to searching just for your own information. You can find out if someone else has warrants too. In fact, you can do a full background check on practically anyone you want. Why not do one on everyone you know? You might be surprised at what you find.

Free Outstanding Warrant Searches

Author: Steve Gee

Make Use of Free Public Arrest Records They Are Accessible to Everyone

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Find free public arrest records now

Your neighbor, schoolteacher, doctor, or plumber – they’re all people that you and your family bump into every day. Most likely, they are good people just like you are – hard working and dedicated to their family and friends. But you can’t tell all that just by looking at someone or even with casual conversation. People with arrest records could be some of the people you see every day and some of them may make it into your home.

This is why it’s good news that you can access arrest records online. remember that just because someone has been arrested at some time, it doesn’t mean that he or she is definitely a criminal. Some people do find themselves in situations where they have been an unwitting partner of some kind of criminal activity and not been aware of it.

Some people will make a stupid mistake early in their lives and get arrested for a minor offence. They may well have learned their lesson from that experience. But an arrest record is an arrest record and you should make it your business to be aware of anyone who’s been arrested for anything. Find out what the situation is and make an informed judgement about the person.

You can discover if someone you know, or that you are developing a business or personal relationship with, has an arrest record by checking them out online. Online arrest records are easy to find because arrest records are open to the public. They’re available from the arresting agency, whether it is local or one with a wider reach.

Depending on just how deep you want to go, and how much time and energy you have to spend on looking up online arrest records, you can do the search yourself. Or, if you prefer, you can use an online service to do the search for you.

This is very convenient because services like this are able to search several databases at once for a number of different types of records on one person. It’s really a simple matter of preference and convenience on your part, how you go about obtaining information.

Some people don’t feel quite right about checking into someone else’s background. But all this information is a matter of public record, it’s available all of us. You have a right to know if someone who is working in our home or business, or teaching our children, has ever been arrested, don’t you think so?

If you do investigate and find that someone has an arrest record, it will be up to you to decide what to do. You may choose to do nothing but at least you’ll know if there is a potential problem that you need to deal with.

If you find that that the person does not have an arrest record, then you can breathe easier and sleep better at night, happy in the knowledge that the people in your life, and your family, are every bit like you – people who respect others and the law.

Find free public arrest records now

Absolutely Free Background Checks
Choose between two respected and effective public records web sites for searching free arrest records.

Author: Steve Gee